Underhells Sector Twelve Demonic Temptation Division, Annual Performance Review

Time: April 04, 2008 at 07:00 PM
Length: about 1 hour
Location: Shiffman 218

Event Staff


Even demons have to answer to the Boss -- and when you've screwed up your assignment this badly it's not a performance review you're going to be looking forward to.


Every company has it: that time of year where, one by one, every member of the workforce is called into the officer to talk to The Boss. To hear about all those little things that they've done wrong throughout the year. To hear every great accomplishment they've made belittled and trashed. To walk into that office expecting a raise, then walk out being very glad you could walk out … instead of being pitched out the window … literally. Heaven and Hell are no exception. None of you, of course, know anything about Heaven. But here you are, sitting in the Big Man's waiting room, each clutching a tiny little numbered ticket. The six of you are the very last to be interviewed. Oh … this is going to be such a bother …


7 attendees total: 4 male,3 female
0 open slots: 0/3 M, 0/3 F