Paradox Rides

Time: April 04, 2008 at 07:00 PM
Length: about 4 hours
Location: Shiffman 217

Event Staff


"Paradox Rides" shows what happens when the present-day collides with the horrific dystopian future -- full throttle. Heavy weapons, futuristic slang, and the potential for the entire universe to cease to exist by the end of the night. But a joy's got to get him some, right? 18+ only.


It was a good time, maybe the last good time. Maybe the last good time ever. Tore up the patches good after the last of the blues were called up by Uncle Jack; nobody could be bothered taking down a lot of joys who only wanted a little fun. Smash-it at the jewelry stores, in and out in the high-rent, before long the whole patch'd cleared out. The banging was still on, but beyond that the patch was yours. Not much to do, of course, till Rip was going through the uni to jerry some boomity-booms and turned on the door. Nobody knew what to call it, but through the patch was pure, untouched, still all bright and spank. Rip's crew was the first through but the rest had to follow, and before long the banging had moved right along into a whole new patch. Same streets, same low and high, but ready for a little of the old ultra-violence all over again. Then the local joys, some retro crew, try to call a truce-on-terms up at the Corners. Something about a "grandfather paradox." Buncha gees, they've not a spark of what it's about. Maybe your crew ought to show them what's what …


23 attendees total: 16 male,7 female
1 open slot: 1/17 M, 0/7 F