Festival of the LARPs 2008

Festival of the LARPs 2008

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Time: April 04, 2008 at 06:00 PM
Length: 3 days
Location: Golding 101, Golding 103, Golding 107, Golding 109, Golding Auditorium, Olin-Sang 104, Olin-Sang 112, Olin-Sang 116, Olin-Sang 124, Olin-Sang 201, Olin-Sang 212, Shiffman 120, Shiffman 122, Shiffman 123, Shiffman 125, Shiffman 201, Shiffman 202, Shiffman 216, Shiffman 217, Shiffman 218, Shiffman 219

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After 3 months trekking through the harsh jungle, you are exhausted. Your supplies are running low. Your native guide abandoned you weeks ago. You are completely lost.

You had almost given up hope, when this morning, you saw a glint of light on the horizon. It turned out to be one of the windows of a concrete academic building. You think you may have finally found your destination... but are you prepared for what you may find inside... the Temple of the Lost LARPs?

Festival of the LARPs 2008 is the third annual LARP convention at Brandeis University. Organized by the BSCF LARP Conspiracy, it is free of charge and open to the general public.

The convention this year will take place in the Rabb Academic Quad on Brandeis campus, from April 4th through 6th.

Directions and Parking

We have directions by car and public transit available, as well as parking information, here.

Convention Rules

We have just a few simple rules to make everyone's convention enjoyable and fun. You can see our convention rules here.


A limited amount of housing is available for our out-of-town visitors. You can request housing for Friday night, Saturday night, or both, by signing up for the "housing request" events on the Festival of the LARPs 2008 schedule.

Spread the Word!

Would you like to help advertise Festival of the LARPs? Well, we have some flyers available for Festival of the LARPs 2008, which anyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to print out and distribute:


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